Tuesday, August 14, 2012

STtC #1: Spinach Fritters

STtc (read: Sabee's Trying to Cook

Don't follow the instructions, it's merely just a picture. source: Google pictures
Yup, you read it right! Believe it or not, Sabee as in me the writer of this blog, consciously and without being forced trying to be a mature woman does by cooking. Shocked enough? Hahaha don't be. 

I know I've never been interested in any kitchen-related stuffs ever since I was a little girl but I don't know why in this late 22 y.o. I started to have interest in cooking, especially new recipes. I love to try new things, you know! Maybe like I said on previous paragraph, I'm just getting more mature as I grow older. 

For me, the age isn't merely a pair of number anymore but it makes you think what you are gonna do next to reach your maturity. Like it or not, you've to be ready to be mature, carry more responsibilities and grow old. Besides that, as a woman I can't escape from my kismet that says "a woman should be able to cook". 

Just so you know, my mom still in control of me while cooking otherwise it'd be a disaster haha...Who else can teach you better than your mom, right? Even though she never take any cooking courses but her experience for tens years is enough to be a cooking teacher for her daughter hehe... Despite all of that, I'm still afraid to fry anything. I'm afraid to be spilled by boiling oil >.<

Actually, it's not my first try to cook with my mom but starts from here I'd like to share you recipes. So, here it is my Spinach Fritters

500 g potato
1 can corned beef
200 g boiled spinach
4 beaten eggs (2 for dough, 2 for covered)
1 sachet beef flavor seasoning
cornstarch flour
salt and pepper

1. Peeled, rinse potato and spinach with water, slice them
2. Fry potato with cooking oil, drain, pressed into puree
3. Stir-fry corned beef 
4. Mix potato puree, stir-fried corned beef, spinach, 2 beaten eggs, beef flavor seasoning, salt, pepper, cornstarch flour, stir even
5. Using spoon take the dough, make it flat and round 
6. Dip the fritters into 2 beaten eggs, fry until turns yellow gold, drain and ready to serve

Spinach Fritters (original recipe from dapur umami, modified with me and my mom)
Looks is deceiving, don't be fooled by it. You have to taste it first then you can judge. The taste is so delicious as well as the smell. You can feel the crunchiness because of spinach and eggs.

I can't do garnish, so I just put chili and tomato sauce to add colors hahaha...
I got 21 fritters from this amount of ingredients but it does depend on how big the size you want and took me and my mom one and half an hour, it also depends tho. 
Level of ado: 5 out of 10

Well, that's all the recipe for first STtC. Hopefully you guys interested and try to cook these delicious fritters at home. I'm gonna try new recipes soon! Until my upcoming posts then! See ya! :)


  1. Aww, perkedel!! Me likey!
    Perasaan embaku pas masak perkedel daunnya bukan spinach deh sab.
    Tpi spinach sehat tuh yah, thanks utk recipenya sab, kapan2 boleh dicoba buat masakin si hubby. Kebetulan dia demen perkedel soalnya, haha.

  2. Hehehe emg maknyus perkedel itu. Iya biasanya daun bawang phang. Ini kan perkedel modifikasi haha... Sama2 phang. Senang bisa membantu :)


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