Wednesday, September 19, 2012

23 Years Old Already!

18/09/2012 = 23 years old

For those who don't know, yeah I just turned to that year of age yesterday. I'm getting older but nothing to be regret of, well I'm happy instead. Getting older itself is a privilege. Getting older surrounded by beloved family and friends is happiness. 

I'm happy not because of birthday gifts but like I said before, I'm happy because I got to go through this with  my family and my friends who I love and love me. Knowing they're will always be there no matter what is the most important thing in life, even thought they're not physically presented

Me with My Birthday Cake

I know I'm not a girl anymore, I completely realize it especially when they keep wishing me to get married soon. Hahaha... like I have a boyfriend already, let alone a fiance. But I take that as a motivation including those other wishes

Me, my birthday cake and some snacks

This year is a bit different actually, it's all because my dad who bought me a birthday cake. He never did that on my previous birthday because we as a family isn't a sweet-tooth. We don't eat sweets especially tarts like this. I don't know what's got into him but hey I just wanted to take it as a very good thing! The birthday cake comes in mocha flavor and it's delicious!

Besides the birthday cake, one more thing that differs my 23rd birthday with previous years is this time I celebrated it with my parents' employee. It was my parents' idea actually, to share a bit happiness to them who render a service for the continuity of my parents' company. We bought some fishes and chicken and then we grilled them at my backyard. They looked so happy yesterday! 

Korean snacks from my older brother
My older brother bought me these two Korean snacks from some import grocery store near his office. The blue package one is duck shaped marshmallow and the other one is sunflower cheesy snacks. Both of them are nice! 

Last but not least, I want to share you my birthday prayer:
Thank God for one more year You gave me, it's all because of Your grace
Teach me to always put You first, please my family, be a blessing for others, keep being thankful and stay strong
I don't want nothing but a job. I'm sure You'll give the best job in Your time
Let Your will be done. Amen. 

Once again thank you so much for my family and friends who gave me greetings and wishes. Hopefully what you wished for me comes back right at you! :)

So, that's all I can share to you about my 23rd birthday
See you on my upcoming posts guys!

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  1. How fun! You look great in your pyjama (:
    Happy 23 ^^


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