Friday, November 9, 2012

Tastefully Childhood

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older - Tom Stoppard

I'm feeling nostalgic lately, thinking how I pour my childhood into a blog post kind of excites me. I wanna be reverted to my childhood, the snack at that age to be exact not anything else. The urge of writing this has been floating on my mind ever since months ago but you know, my intention wasn't there. So, I tell you to enjoy reading this before the intention soon disappear again ;P

I remember quite clearly those hawkers sat in line on the pedestrian walk of my school, waiting for kids were dismissed from class. They were many of them sold various kind of snacks, crowd were formed as soon as kids stepped out of school gates. I know almost all of them are not healthy and good for my system but who cared right? As long as it tasted good, mini me love to eat them hahaha... 

So, here I am wanna share you some of my favorite tastefully childhood snacks:

Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy
Taste-o-meter: 7.5/10

It basically consists of  2 parts, chocolate and colorful rice crispy container. There's a mini stick shaped of the icon of Nyam Nyam that comes along. The rule is you have to stick it into the chocolate before you stick it into the rice crispy make sure the rice crispy is glued by the chocolate then put it into your mouth. I often eat this, because it's still easier to be found in supermarket near by

Lidi Noodle
Taste-o-meter: 8/10

I could eat this almost everyday when I was at school, I really love the umami taste and the crunchiness. It's basically made of flour just like any usual noodle. There are 2 flavor spicy (left) and salty (right). Too bad, my mom doesn't allow me to eat it. She said it contains a lot of artificial flavor that's dangerous for my system sooner or later so I have to sneak behind from her every time I eat this. She was right, so be careful kids, you don't want to end up at hospital because eating this snack too much! They are usually found at school canteen, so I never eat them anymore 

Just found out while I was searching for Lidi noodle pictures on Google, there is now available 10 different flavor of them. I was like WOW! 


Taste-o-meter: 7/10

This one is my and my brother one of favorite snacks of all time. It's basically an instant noodle with a pack of seasoning powder inside but you don't need to cook it first to eat it, well it doesn't mean it is raw but it is made to be eaten just like that. It also contains a lot of artificial flavor that makes it taste very salty and umami. I can't find it in any supermarket anymore so I never eat it again

Choki Choki
Taste-o-meter: 8.5/10

This snack is still available and easily can be found in supermarket, so I sometimes buy it and enjoy by myself. Basically it is a chocolate paste, you decide how you want to eat it. Just press and put it in your mouth directly or spread it on a bread or candy or ice cream. This one is so tasty! Everybody loves it I guess... For those who never try, I suggest you go grab ones soon! 

Ciki Bar
Taste-o-meter: 8/10

I miss this so much! I remember my mom always buy some of them for me every time I came home from school. It's better eaten cold, so put it in a refrigerator first before you eat it. Basically, it is a quite long chocolate wafer. Once again, I never find them any else where anymore. Let alone available in any supermarket. I almost forget about it if I didn't find its picture on Google under the key word "jajanan jaman SD"

Mini Omelet
Taste-o-meter: 9/10

I never know what this street food called so let's call it mini omelet. The making process is just the same like usual omelet only this one is using mini mold to shape it. After they're cooked, the hawker put them in a paper plate and pour some crunchy noodle snack on top of them. You can add the sauce on top of them also. I don't know how the hawker made the egg dough but sure is the taste was great! Well, maybe because the MSG I guess. Plus the price was also cheap! I never find this street food anymore though, too bad. For some of you who never taste or don't know about this snack, I pity you =P

Spider Cake (Laba laba)
Taste-o-meter: 7.5/10

You can see why is it named spider, yes because the hawker made it shaped like one. The dough was poured into a baking mold and chocolate sprinkles was put on top of it, simple but the taste was amazing. I can tell this one is healthier than any other snack I posted above. Eat it while it hot because it's still crunchy, I like it that way. It's also a street snack that's rarely available now, maybe it is found in some traditional markets I guess

 Taste-o-meter: 7/10

Last but not least, Lekker! It's a traditional snacks from Solo, Indonesia. It's reputedly said the Netherlands love to eat them and because of the deliciousness, they call them Lekker. Meaning delicious in English. They truly are Lekker! Especially the sweet taste and the crunchiness. It is crunchier than Laba laba cake above. I guess it can be included as healthy snacks because it is baked, no cooking oil needed. You can custom the flavor also, just ask the hawker for the filler, there are chocolate sprinkles, plain sugar or sweetened condensed  vanilla milk or mix between three of them at once. I think it's still available in some traditional markets but I rarely eat them anymore

So, that's all I remember about my favorite childhood snacks. Maybe there's more but I can't quite recall it. I'm sure you have yours too or might be one or some of yours are included in this post? I'd like to hear the feedback from you. Just put your comment bellow. And oh, please note that I never have intention too do sponsor any of these snacks. They just happen to have names

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows - John Betjeman

Consider this post as my come back to blog verse. I know I've been in a hiatus like these passed 2 months. I'm sorry for that. Let's pray I never do that again and hopefully my mind are full of inspirations from now on hahaha... And I truly wish this update could cure your longing of my blog.Well, okay then I gotta go to cook  pene with tuna sauce for my dinner

Until my next posts guys!

Sorry for the blur pictures!
Picture source: Google Images 


  1. I miss mini omelette apalagi saosnya.. walau sebenernya ga sehat sih yah, tapi enakkk, hehehe.

  2. Aahhh I forgot to mention the sauce haha, thx for the reminder phang. Yeah, me too. Hard to find it nowadays :(


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