Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You & Me: Unpredictable Best Friends

Inspiration just popped out in my head once I saw this pic, thanks to WeHeartIt. It suits with what I feel currently in the moment especially after what happened to me last night. I wanna share it with you guys and hopefully the person concerned will read this too, well it's gonna be more like my confession actually, with lots of pics :)

I'm a type of person who tend to push people away once they get very close to me, I've been doing that ever since I can't remember and no plausible reason why I do that because I myself don't know why. 

Last night, I did that again to my new best friend, best bud to be exact. All of nothing, I decided whether he go or I'd go, in separate ways and break all the contacts (pretty extreme eh?). FYI, my life's being tested, hardly, I've been in this rough patch for weeks now and I've no idea when things would go back to normal. I think it starts to consume me but I don't think I could use it as an excuse to push him away. I know it was so wrong but still I did. So, the drama button was pressed on, me with my reasons versus he with his reasons. 

But lucky me, he fought and stands still, accepting this broken best friend with a thought in his mind that he could help me. I tried hard so hard to accept his' but I succeed and then, we put the drama to an off

 Until now, if I had flashback to last night, I really really don't know why would I do that? It's like wait what is that me? 

From what happened last night and from his sayings and actions for all of these times make me realize that he is for real and sincere. It's not like I've never realized it before but you know, I've reached a point where there's no room for me to doubt him anymore. Sorry, if I did doubt you before my buddy. Yes, just like the pic says, you've proved it :)

I never knew a best friendship like this before, it makes me happy and scares me also. A best friendship that could be so easy and hard at the same time. Maybe I'm the one who's sensitive, too naive and think too much but hell yeah this best friendship that I've with him right now is for real. I know it's been going only for awhile, not even reach a year, but he shows me enough for I have so much faith in him

Yup, the pic says right. He is the one who does that. Well, hopefully after what happened last night, there'll be no more dramas. I'm done disappointing him. Because I choose to get rid of the negative thoughts in order to be a better me. Realize it or not, you shape me one step at a time, bit by bit, into someone better. I learn a lot from you, dude

I just wish you'd never getting tired of me and I wish this best friendship is a two ways relation, not only me or you who give and the other takes but we both know how to give and take. For me, I'm pretty sure I'd never get tired of you. Just like our promises say :)

I know right? Because we only as far as every chat messenger. He's always there and I'm always here. Distance might separates us but I know better, we know better (that's my favorite sentence from him). If only there were truer words than thank you and sorry, I'd say it to you, as many as you'd wanna hear

Last but not least, what happened last night just making me more realize that what I have with him right now (this best friendship) is way too precious to be thrown away. Never in my life I've experienced it before. We're so much different but I think that's what keep this relationship interesting and never boring. There's always to tell and share every each day! I'm happy and proud at the same time :)

Well, I think I've already ran out of words besides that I'm done pretending oh so poetic hihihi... From now on, I just wanna enjoy every moment. "Let it flow" just like he said haha...
Once again, thank you and sorry ;)

To top this post off, here's a pic for him! He said last night "just don't weird things up anymore" but hey I can't stand not to post this cute pic hihi... 

And I won't have it any other way, no matter what people say, I know that we'll never break - Made In USA by Demi Lovato

So, I'm sorry guys I know I didn't give you all any details because it's personal and I'd like to keep it that way. In fact, I've never opened up to anybody about this before
I just hope you guys can learn something from today's post
Until my next posts, guys!
And hey you, let's cheers to the better me! :P

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